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See Us in the Movies!

We’re in the Movies, Television and Commercials. We are proud to supply the entertainment industry with military insignias. Listed below are some of our credits.


  • We Were Soldiers Once, and Young - Mel Gibson
  • Behind Enemy Lines - Gene Hackman
  • Blackhawk Down - Josh Hartnett
  • Spider-Man: The Movie - Toby McGuire
  • Thirteen Days - Kevin Cosner
  • Pearl Harbor - Ben Afleck
  • Saving Private Ryan - Tom Hanks
  • Three Kings - George Clooney
  • The Hulk - Eric Bana, Nick Nolte
  • Windtalkers - Nicholas Cage, Christian Slater
  • Big Fish - Day After Tomorrow
  • A Soldier’s Story - Don Johnson
  • Manchurian Candidate
  • Flight of Phoenix


  • West Wing
  • District
  • JAG


  • Army Commercial 2003
  • AUSA Opening Presentation Program 10/2003

Our warehouse will be closed for annual inventory from
 June 22–July 2.
Orders may continue to be placed online and will be filled
when shipments resume July 3.
We appreciate your patience.

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