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Dog Tags

Dog tags have long been a part of soldier’s everyday life. The United States Armed Forces require soldiers to wear identification tags at all times when in the field. The appeal of personal identification tags has grown beyond the military, and today many civilians are having custom military dog tags made. Tags can be imprinted with personal information as well as medical alert information, in case of emergencies.    

Dog tags make a great gift for veterans, military history enthusiasts, and people who walk, run or bike on busy streets. Having medical and personal information around your neck could save your life if an accident happens. Perhaps this is why dog tags are gaining in popularity among civilians around the world.

In addition to dog tags, we also offer replacement dog tag chain. This ball chain is the classic style used on dog tags, pull chains, and counter pens. We also offer plastic dog tag silencers to keep your tags quiet when you’re on the move.

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Military Dog Tag Set WWII Style Notched

Price: $16.95
Military Dog Tag Set WWII Style Notched
Authentic WWII Style Military Dog Tag that you can personalize.
Dog Tag Chain in Shiny Silver

Price: $4.50
Dog Tag Chain in Shiny Silver
Dog Tag Chain in Black

Price: $5.00
Dog Tag Chain in Black

CAGE# 688Y9

DUNS# 962452061

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