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I received my patches and they're excellent. Can’t say enough about how well they turned out. Especially the ""3 dimensional"" effect.


Thank you very much again,
I am very impressed with your special kindness in this matter, and hope and expect that we will do some business in the future. Warm regards, and again, All the Best in the Holiday Season and A Happy New Year, personally and professionally!

Jim Bo

We have already talked by phone about this patch. I was able to purchase the patch that I needed through your company. I now have everything I need.

Thanks for your help.
Sue Z.

Just wanted to express my appreciation of your service. I have been looking for various items of my military history for years and until I found your site had no results. In two purchases I was able to order all the "hard to find" items I wanted. The West German Schutzenchurs Cord I had not seen in 20 years - imagine my surprise that my wife found your site and was able to order one and put it under our Christmas tree!!! After I dragged the info from her as to where she got it I was able to order my 11th AD SIG BN Crest and 101st Military Intelligence crest and 32nd AADCOM Patch in a matter of minutes at a very reasonable cost! Your service to the veterans of America is one that I GREATLY appreciate!


Thank you for info as I am prepared to make a purchase and you dudes are my best source, so thanks for taking time for little ole me.


I want to thank you-all again for all the help you have given me over the years. THANK YOU!!!


Thank you all for your help in the past. It has been a pleasure doing business with you. My collection is now over 1200 patches, & most have come from you-all.

Thanks again:
John Tom

I appreciate all your help. Your web site is awesome! Best Wishes,


I just returned to the US for Easter holiday and found the custom leather patch for the WWII 64th Fighter Squadron that you had made for me. It looks just WONDERFUL! Thanks for the great work!

Robert N.

You and your family's sacrifice in assisting me is appreciated and duly noted. There for I will only deal with you and yours when purchasing and creating patches for the unit and myself. Thanks again.


CAGE# 688Y9

DUNS# 962452061

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