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Tips for Properly Placing Army Unit Patches

Here at Saunders Insignia, we’re proud to have a wide selection of Army unit patches. The left shoulder of the Army’s Class A uniform bears the insignia of the soldier’s unit. Each time a solider relocates to a new unit, he or she must tailor their uniform to reflect the new and correct insignia. Longtime soldiers have likely had a variety of Army unit patches throughout their career. Whether you’re adding new Army unit patches to your current uniform or creating a replica uniform as a memorial collection, these tips will help ensure that you get everything sewn on properly.

It’s easy to shop through our selection of Army unit patches and find the one you’re looking for. We’ve been working with Army unit patches since 1968, so you can trust Saunders Military Insignia to have the quality, authentic patches that you need. Simply click on your patch unit name to see the selection in each area. Once you’ve chosen the correct Army unit patches, you can begin working on properly affixing it to the uniform.

  • The Army unit patches should be centered on the top of the left sleeve of a Class A uniform jacket. Take the time to measure each side of the patch with a ruler to ensure that the insignia is centered.
  • Again, use a ruler to measure one half inch down from the seam that joins the shoulder and sleeve of the jacket. The Army unit patches should be placed at that mark.
  • As you work to sew the Army unit patches into place, check the measurements continuously. This way you can ensure that the Army unit patches do not become crooked, relocated, or misaligned in some way.

Army unit patches are just some of the wide variety of patches and insignia on the military uniform. Soldiers wear an assortment of ribbons, medals, badges, insignia, and patches to identify certain criteria. You can find the Army unit patches to recognize your pride and accomplishments right here at Saunders Military Insignia.

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