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Touch a Part of History: Collecting Military Emblems

At Saunders Insignia, we have a wide variety of US Military emblems for collectors of every type. Whether you’re simply a military enthusiast, an active military member, a veteran, or the family of a soldier, our military emblems and insignia can help you enjoy and appreciate the history of the United States armed forces. A truly special collection requires truly authentic memorabilia. You can explore the rich history of military emblems and pass that knowledge along.

Military insignia and military emblems have been used since the Revolutionary War. Initially, the US military rankings were established using British military rankings. The British would differentiate between rank using items like feathers, sashes, stripes, and sometimes the rank would be identified by the weapon that the soldier carried. Some of these military emblems are still used to this day.

Specifically, the Army and the Marines carried over many of the British ranks after the Revolutionary War. The Navy developed their own military emblems ranking system. In fact, the Navy and Coast Guard don’t even use the term “rank.” Among those enlisted, the proper term is “rate.” They have their own unique military emblems to represent their position.

Why use military emblems in the first place?
As we said, military emblems date back to the Revolutionary War. The Continental Army was poor and could not afford to purchase uniforms. This made it difficult to distinguish between the various ranks on the battlefield. General George Washington requested that badges be designed to help straighten things out. Military emblems continued to change and evolve up until World War II.

Here at Saunders Insignia, we have a large selection of US Army badges, unit patches, US Army ranks, unit crests, and other military emblems. Many of the items we carry are either obsolete or extremely difficult to find! Our military insignia range from WWII emblems through the present day.

If you have any questions about which military emblems would be right for your collection, feel free to contact us. We have a wide knowledge base and can help you create the perfect military emblem collection or display.

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